16th Oct-World Food Day:

Oct 16, 2018

Sometimes snacking is good

There are 5 nutritious snacking rules you should follow with right tips and the right food, snacking can add nutrients to our daily diet which we often missed out on.

On the occasion of World Food Day, which is observed every year on October 16, we can revolutionize a few important things related to our snacking habits. Snacking is not always unhealthy.
 To add healthy nutrients via snacking, one must be a smart snacker and munch on healthy snacks including kala chana, nutritious cookies, nuts like almond or cashews, granola bars and other food items of the same kind.


Go for baked and roasted food item rather than fried snacks. Better opt for truly baked, healthy and wholesome snacks as they are good for you. One of the best ways to lower fat consumption is to switch from deep fried snacks to baked snacks as they help to keep both the calories and fat consumption down easily.
The best choice is to pick snacks made in olive oil, as olive oil is boosted with omega 3 and to correct the good vs bad fat imbalance in our diet. Snacks prepared from whole grains like soya bean, rice, corn, ragi, wheat, oats, barley, jowar, amaranth and bajra are healthier and best way to add nutrition to food.
Labels like ‘low-calories’ and ‘fat-free’ are important for snack selection.  All it takes is flipping the pack to the back and reading all ingredients, their proportions, style of making etc. to understand the health and calorie quotient of the snack you are picking up.
Eating healthy snacks isn’t anything extra. The intake of snacks should be focused only on healthy bites and put a stop to random junk food cravings. Make some smart healthy eating choices that deliver some extra nutrients.
So, happy munching on this  #WorldFoodDay.

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