COLDRUSH Logistics awarded

3 May, 2018

Double The Celebration
Coldrush Logistics strives to offer total client satisfaction and top class services in all that they do. The testimony to that is the recent winning of two of the most coveted awards in the cold chain and warehousing industry today. The company was awarded: Best Cold Chain Transformation Of The Year by the Tata Strategic Management Group in February & the Mahindra Transport Excellence Award as the Dream Chaser. Not only were these awards showcased on prime time television across the globe but also gives the team and the management of the company a boost to set higher goals and achieve greater milestones.



With this ethos in mind, Coldrush truly hopes to outdo themselves each time and thank all their esteemed clients to have had faith in the conglomerate.

Did You Know?
Chilled Transportation sport started with fish in the late 1700s.Frederic Tudor of Boston in USA is said to have popularized the ice trade. By the time railroads were being used in the mid-1800s, meat was being transported in ships in ice-storage cargo units. Early 1900’s mechanical refrigeration technology, however, was the real turning point in creating a temperature controlled cold chain. By the 1920s, it was a normal part of how locals across the globe got the food they eat each day starting with its roots in the Americas.

We are Summer Ready!
As the burning hot summer months of April & May, the Indian subcontinent gets engulfed in soaring high temperatures. Sometimes they go up to as much as 50 Degrees Celsius in some regions and in such severe conditions, it is highly important that food & beverage commodities and goods stored at the warehouse are transported meticulously and are delivered to the end destination with complete care and perfection. Here are some safety measures undertaken by Coldrush Logistics to ensure the same:

  • Customized temperature control for industry specific goods as required
  • Independent chambers dividing products & consignments
  • Computerized storage management system from arrival to dispatch, ensuring efficient handling
  • Total hygiene & cleanliness assurance
  • Smartly designed warehouse & delivery systems to avoid penetration of insects, dust or contaminates
  • Palette storage to encourage efficiency & avoid product damage
  • Customized storage options available
  • Preset desired temperature control & timing
  • Drivers provided with lemon and adequate drinking water for hydration
  • Investment is the latest GPS technology to track mobile vehicles when on the road
  • Easy product traceability at every stage
  • Timely checks for vehicles to avoid over heating for tyres & motor mechanism
  • Disaster management guide to drivers ensuring complete safety of the consignment
  • Efficient & easy administration

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