A surprise untimely entry of Mangoes in Jaipur markets

Though it’s unusual for mangoes to be seen in the markets at time of the year, has given as a good surprise to mango traders and consumers on whole. The arrival of Sinduri and Safeda varieties of mangoes is mostly seen by end of March or first week of April.

Mangoes arrive in Jaipur from various parts of the country but this season has welcomed them before the time. In view of the fact that the mangoes have just arrived in the mandis, prices are apparently high. Surely as the season moves ahead the prices will certainly climb down.

As of now about 3-4 tonnes mangoes have arrived in Jaipur mandi, and are being rated at Rs. 100-120 per kg in wholesale. The mangoes are available at Rs 150-Rs 200 per kg in retail market.

Mango Traders have informed that this time a new variety of mango has come from Kerala and Telangana, thus an early entry. It’s predictable that other varieties like Alphanso will start arriving by March while varieties like langada and dussheri will come in April end.

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