Ahead with Innovation – wafer baking machines Made in Germany




WALTERWERK KIEL, highly specialized in wafer baking machinery, delivers its JUPITER plants all over the world for more than 60 years now. Customers in 80 countries trust in WALTER baking machines from Kiel. The WALTER plants can produce a variety of products. Among them are rolled sugar cones, wafer cups, wafer rolls, savoury wafers and Monaka wafers.


The diversity of products is primarily due to the differing local customs worldwide. In the USA ice cream is often preferred in cups, whereas ice cream in Monaka wafers has a long tradition in Japan. “WALTER knows the different preferences and needs. We design machines for every market. The modular system of our machines offers the opportunity to produce various products on one machine – in the highest quality, in different shapes and sizes, and to everyone’s taste”, said Uwe S. Schroeder, General Manager of WALTER.


The capacities of the baking machines range from 3,000 cones per hour to 20,000 rolled sugar cones per hour. On the MARS IC for moulded wafer products, depending on product size, up to 20,000 wafers per hour can be produced.


“Among our customers are both large international food corporations as well as small and medium-sized family businesses worldwide”, explains Schroeder. “Every customer has unique wishes and the WALTER Team is ready to make them come true.”


Since all baking machines are exclusively designed and built in Germany, WALTER can concentrate all know-how in one place. The technicians know the machine right from the beginning which makes the installation time quite short. After installing the baking machine the responsible production personnel is trained by the technician until they can operate the machine confidently and independently.


Apart from operating the plant the customers need certain knowledge of batter technology in order to run a successful production process. This is the reason why WALTER soft skill seminars on site have become increasingly popular with both long-term and new clients across the world. The company shares its accumulated know-how with their customers as this is seen as essential to ensuring optimal production.


Sabine Golecki works as baking technologist at WALTER. She explains: “We have a new technology center in Kiel where customers get advice and inspiration. The designing department is just next door, so we can discuss product ideas and the corresponding machine design.” The WALTER technology center offers the best environment to develop new wafer products by using test plants for producing wafer samples for market research.


At the interpack trade fair in Dusseldorf, WALTER presented the next generation of sugar cone baking ovens. The new JUPITER A and JUPITER C lines carry on the proud tradition of giving WALTER customers worldwide the technological edge in the sugar cone baking industry.


Good connection to their customers and being always one step ahead in wafer baking technology are the key factors for WALTERWERK KIEL  to maintain their leadership following their claim: Ahead with Innovation.

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