‘Alpenvie’ ice cream by Heritage Food Ltd.

30 March, 2018


Heritage a foremost dairy Industry launched its new ice cream brand ‘Alpenvie’ as part of its existing product range and also to improve products. The newly launched ice cream is going to target young customers including college students and youngsters.

The ice cream would originally be marketed in main cities in the south and west before being taken to India. The finest ice cream range consists of impulse products made with the finest ingredients which meet global standards from price points of Rs 10 to Rs 45 with mostly of the products in the segment of Rs 10 to Rs 25.

Executive director Brahmani Nara said, “We’ll invest 80crore in these products over next four years. We continue to grow organically and inorganically. We’re growing at 30 per cent in terms of revenues and will reach Rs6, 000 crore mark by 2022. We continue to invest Rs100cr annually and expect to grow to about 50,000 liters per day in next four years. Our value-added products will contribute 40 per cent to our total revenues.”

Heritage Food Ltd. collaborated with a French firm Novandie SNC to manufacture and market fruit and flavoured yogurt, as well as western style desserts, would expand its product range.

Heritage Foods aims to tap north Indian market. By expanding product range in ice-cream segment, the company anticipates Rs230cr revenues by 2020 with 24 per cent growth rate in this space.

He added, “We have good presence in lassi, butter, ghee, etc, and continue to grow with value added products and improving other products. The value-added products are contributing 24 per cent to our total revenues.”

The current capacity of Heritage Foods is at 15 lakh liters per day and will be enhanced to 28 lakh liters a day by 2020. It has 16 production facilities.

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