Amazon brings competition to Monster and Red bull by launching its own energy drink

April 15, 2019

Amazon has launched private-label energy drinks under its Solimo brand, called Solimo Red Energy Drink and Solimo Silver Energy Drink, and they are sugar-free low-calorie beverage.

This is the first time Amazon has offered private-label energy drinks. The new products are designed to compete with Red Bull, Rockstar and Monster Energy — who’s Zero Ultra, Sugar-free Energy Drink is currently one of the top-selling items on Amazon. Depending on how the new Solimo energy drink tastes, Amazon could pose a serious threat if it ever undercuts Monster’s energy drinks in price or makes it easier to order online.

Amazon appears to be adding to its private-label food and beverage items with new products in the milk, dairy and coconut water segments. The company seems to be expanding its job offerings for its private label segments, posting at least four recent roles. 

This latest launch by Amazon raises the question of what Coca-Cola might do in response since it just started competing with Monster in Europe with its own branded energy drinks. Coke owns 16.7% of Monster and has been in arbitration with the company over whether the competitive situation violates an agreement the two made in 2015 when that acquisition occurred.

But Monster does have some competitive advantages. It’s one of the best-known energy drink brands in the U.S. and is second only to Red Bull.

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