Amazon quietly developing privatelabelled products

July 4, 2018

According to Yahoo Finance, Amazon has released a new line of private label products called Solimo, The line features many everyday items including coffee pods, which have earned the “Amazon’s Choice” badge in just a few days.

The Seattle-based company has only a few private label grocery brands available on its site, including Happy Belly, a line of snacks, coffees; Single, a frozen-food line; and Mama Bear, a line of baby foods. The e-tailer also offers the Wickedly Prime snack brand, which includes products like chips, nuts, and tea.

The company is still in the process of developing its private label grocery offerings. It notes that grocery products are among the most-reviewed items in Amazon’s private label portfolio.

Ultimately, Amazon has the upper hand in creating private label brands because it owns the most powerful online distribution channel in retail, and now it owns Whole Foods, too. The e-tailer also has the ability to collect and analyze data about competitor brands it sells, which products do well, and how much it sells for. It also has the ability to gain insight into the food and beverage development through Whole Foods with complete access to its Whole Foods 365 brand.


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