An all-inclusive policy required to push agriculture exports



Comprehensive guidelines are needed to boost the agricultural exports and the commerce ministry is working towards it. The policy must cover issues such as logistics to promote export of agri commodities like tea, coffee, fruits and vegetables. India is one of biggest producers and exporters of agri commodities, and still holds huge potential to increase shipments. Agri-products account for over 10 per cent of the country’s total exports. India mainly exports tea, coffee, rice, cereals, tobacco, spices, cashew, oil meals, fruits & vegetables and marine products.


An official said “So, the possibility of value addition and moving up in the global value chain is immense. All important elements such as logistics, certification and traceability of items would be part of the new policy. It is important to have proper infrastructure to promote exports.”


This move would help the government to fulfill its objective of doubling farmers’ income and increase exports. The ministry has started the process of identifying factors such as where maximum import demand is, areas that can be looked at, India’s contribution to, and steps required to promote exports. The official said research is on as they study the global markets and try to understand potential of the areas. Other elements which would become part of the policy include ways to ensure quality of products and monitoring the value chain.

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