APEDA to target new markets like Iran and China to promote mango exports

17 April, 2018


The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) is all set  to target newer markets for export of mangoes from India. Destinations such as Iran, Kazakhstan and China is on its radar this coming season.

APEDA has proposed to organise promotional events in these new markets and also in South Korea during May. The aim is to carry-out wet sampling in these countries so that the consumers can have a taste of the Indian mangoes.

Among the markets that APEDA is targeting, Iran has the brightest prospects. There is a liking for the Indian mangoes in Iran. Also Kazakhstan has the potential to emerge as a gateway for tapping the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Though China has had granted market access to the Indian mangoes way back in 2007, shipments have not taken off for various reasons. Although a couple of exporters have tried shipping mangoes to China, the quantity has not scaled up.

China is among the large importer of mangoes, where the fruits from Malaysia and Thailand have captured the market. India’s exports to China last year stood at a mere 1.64 tonnes

Last season, India shipped out 46,562 tonnes of mangoes valued at ₹346.34 crore, statistics for the April-December 2017-18 period points out. Shipments to West Asian countries — the largest market for Indian mangoes — stood at 30,985 tonnes valued at ₹233 crore during the year. In 2016-17, exports had touched a high of 52,761 tonnes valued at ₹443.66 crore.

Mango harvest has already begun in the western parts of the country, while the arrivals in South were likely to be delayed due to the unpredictable weather pattern of extended monsoon and winter affecting the flowering. The first advance estimates by the Agriculture Ministry put mango production for 2017-18 at 20.71 million tonnes from 2016-17’s final estimates of 19.50 million tonnes.


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