Around more than half Dunkin Donuts chains have closed down in India

Image Source: Prepared Foods

Aug 6, 2018 
American doughnut and coffee house chain – Dunkin Donuts, over the last few years has down more than half its stores in India over the last two years and is now focusing on small stores and kiosks to cut losses. 

Dunkin Doughnuts franchise partners in India Jubilant FoodWorks has confirmed the downsizing and said the company has already halved losses on the US doughnut chain in the June quarter and is looking “to break even as we exit this year”.
The company has shut most unprofitable stores, cut back on restaurant operating costs and overheads, focused on core categories, and launched innovations including tea, to drive growth The company, which opened the country’s first Dunkin Donuts store in May 2012, has brought down store count by more than half to 37 as of June end from 77 stores two years earlier.
Features such as non-fried food and dry kitchens were key differentiators for Dunkin Donuts; these didn’t click with the masses. Besides, a lot of consumers don’t have a preference to just doughnuts when they make eating out choices. Since Dunkin’ was identified as a doughnuts place, they took a beating and couldn’t carve its niche. 

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