As potato production decreases in India, cold storages drop its prices by 30%

Feb 5, 2019

With the low production of potatoes, has led to a price war among cold storage owners.   Warehousing facilities have lowered their prices by 30% for the season. Witnessing the yester years  surplus production of potatoes, over 30 new cold storages have already come up in the region in past two years, said the industry players.

Madhya Pradesh Cold Chain Industries Association president Hansmukh Jain Gandhi said, “Storage capacity has doubled, but the production of potatoes has dropped. This has disturbed the market owing to which many cold storages are ready to stock at much lower prices than agreed by the association. At present there are close to 140 cold storages in Indore and Ujjain districts with a total capacity of 1 million tons”.

According to reports¸ the association has fixed the rate for potato cold storage for this season at Rs. 190 per 100 kgs for 7 to 8 months, but cold storages have decreased their rates by 30% due to lack of supplies and rigorous competition.

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