BMC is all geared up to Ensure Food Safety for the month of Ramazan

It’s the fasting month of Ramazan and Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) this time is all geared to ensure that hygiene and food safety is maintained thoroughly.
The busiest street of Mumbai, Mohammed Ali Road is filled with delicacies during this month and people from all over the city throng to relish the street food. As the crowd is huge and demand for food is high, BMC has taken quite a few steps to organize the traffic and the crowd.
“We will instruct them that they cannot extend their shops over the footpath and road, as this will hinder the smooth flow of traffic,” said Udaykumar Shiroorkar, Assistant Commissioner of B ward. The report further says that the civic body had also done the same kind of management last year.
“There was no problem last year as we had made it clear that there would be no compromise in the movement of traffic,” he added. He further added that the civic body will be putting up a yellow tape to mark the area of sale which will not be allowed to cross. “There is a need to fix their limits and this is the best way,” said Shiroorkar stating that food vendors will not be allowed to cook on the road either. The Solid Waste Department and Health Department of BMC are extending services towards proper collection of waste to maintain proper hygiene .
“Food stalls prepare food in the open, which could lead to serious health problems. So, we will ensure that their food is covered,” a senior official from the health department said. He further revealed that along with sending an advisory group to the vendors, visits from officials have also been arranged. “We will ask them to ensure that most of the shops or stalls be within the permissible area,” added the official.

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