Cargill launches high oleic canola oil

Global food company Cargill has introduced new high oleic canola oil with less saturated fat in the global market.

The company claims that its new oil product is produced using canola hybrid that contains 4.5% or less saturated fat, which can be used for high fry and has the ability to maintain shelf life, performance, and taste of the food product.

Cargill noted that its new canola oil reduces saturated fat content by 35% in comparison to previous canola oil generations.

Cargill research and development department said that the company is committed to innovation with a purpose with a focus on responsibly nourishing the world.This new low-sat, high oleic canola oil is no exception. Cargill has dedicated ten years to finding a canola hybrid that could improve the nutrition profile of its oil.

At the same time, the canola was bred to meet customer demands – providing high yield and disease resistance for growers and taste, shelf life, and fry life qualities for our food manufacturers and restaurant customers.

The new canola oil will be rolled out to the global retail market by early next year.


Healthy diets balance the types of fats that are consumed, and those can then be replaced with healthier options, like unsaturated fats, which have been shown to decrease bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cargill’s high oleic, low saturated canola oil will join other oils and shortenings offered commercially under the Clear Valley brand.

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