Chaitry Offset- Turning a New Leaf for Packing Boxes, An innovative & attractive packaging in Sweets Industry


In the packaging industry and in the line of making boxes for sweets, AJJAAYBHAI M. KARIYA has certainly made his mark since the last decade by producing high quality and attractive boxes. In this citation we would like to add some glow over the journey of Ajjaaybhai as where he stands today.

Born in a middle class family in Bhavnagar city, Ajjaaybhai’s late father was also a known name in the line of printing press. Thus, Ajjaaybhai has inherited the skills of this business through his father. Right after finishing school he found himself interested in businesses rather than anything else so with attending college in one hand he also started few small businesses of his own. After coming into his father’s business he earned a good name among the market as “commercial printers”. But due to some natural calamity and unforeseen issues he had to migrate to Surat facing shortage of funds for his business. But prior business orders had to be completed on time and given to the clients, so he tactfully completed his orders in someone else’s printing press. Due to the tough competition of market Ajjaaybhai had to go through a rough time initially. But that time taught him some important lessons of life. Having a sweet tooth himself, whenever Ajjaaybhai use to walk into a sweet (mithai) shop he always use to wonder why such delicious and mouthwatering sweets should be packed in such poorly designed boxes? He thought that these boxes which are carrying such delightful sweets in it should itself be so appealing that the buyer should anticipate the high quality of the sweet-maker by it.

There was a big question mark as to who will help him support such an expensive experiment in business. But after lots of brainstorming and the right kind of support Ajjaaybhai introduced his designs of package boxes to the market. After jumping into this business full time he wanted to give equal justice to his businesses of box designing, material and printing. For which he was ready to work as hard as it takes.

His design includes high quality and beautiful paper boxes, cardboard boxes and huge range of collection in paper boxes. His normal, gold and silver boxes have already made its mark all over the country. They provide boxes of 250gms, 500gms, 1 kilogram and the also customize the boxes as per the clients specifications and usage. In addition to it all their designs are certified by the Food Grade of India.

The usage of paper, glue and laminate in their products are in complete accordance with the food grade and that is the main reason every time they constantly and consistently deliver high quality boxes.

In the near future Ajjaaybhai wants to expand this very business and aims to take it to a different height. He also aims to work continuously until Indian product has made its mark into the international market.

Ajjaaybhai is also exporting his designed boxes in countries such as Australia, America, New Zealand and London.

To accumulate the required knowledge for his business, he use to make regular trips to different countries like China, Singapore, Dubai and Germany. Ajjaaybhai have a genuine advice for the young and enthusiastic businessmen that through patience, true efforts, right amount of focus and blessing of Almighty, anyone can succeed in any line of business and even make impossible possible.


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