Chinese demand for white strawberries supersedes supply

March 16, 2019

White berries speckled with red seeds are aromatic with pineapple-like taste. An unusual, hard-to-find white strawberry is a bit bigger than other pineberry varieties. These strawberries, however, are not to be confused with pineberries, another type of strawberry that is white in color. With a variant of about 50 varieties of white strawberries, each has its unique flavor.

In China, often admired as “Strawberry of Nobility”, the white strawberry has become a trending fruit in this year’s fruit market. The white strawberry is principally popular with consumers during the holiday period. The white strawberry is not universally seen in fruit markets and younger generations in particular are willing to spend a lot of money to taste this novelty in fruits. Furthermore, especially women are drawn to the exquisite appearance of the white strawberry.

The sales of white strawberries in Hema supermarket in Beijing city had significantly increased during Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day. The sale during Valentine’s Day was five times the normal sales volume. Though the white strawberries are twice expensive than red ones, consumers don’t mind paying this price during the holiday season.

Initially the white strawberry was introduced by Japan, where it is a popular, subtle and delicate fruit. The price is considerably on higher side. Small white strawberries in Japan sell for tens of yuan [1.49 USD] per piece. Chinese farmers have recently started to cultivate and produce the white strawberry for the domestic market. The production capacity is relatively less with the production per hectare is only 60% of the regular red strawberries production. The growth of white strawberry is relatively slow to mature.

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