Coca-Cola launches fizzy grape drink ‘Colour’ in Tamil Nadu

Jan 28, 2019

With an objective to spread its arms in local market, Coca Cola India has launched fizzy grape drink Colour under its Minute Maid brand totally focused for Tamil Nadu. To suit the specific taste of regional consumers, “Colour” forms a part of Coca-Cola’s strategy to develop products accordingly.  This strategy is an additional program to the company’s portfolio of “fruit circular economy” with an intention to help local farmers with steady requirement. “Colour” is made from grapes locally sourced from farmers based in Southern India.

This move may also help Coca Cola to curb the competition from Bovonto, being one of its major competitors in the local fruit drink category with its grape juice-based fizz drink. Bovonto is owned by a 100 year old Kalimark Group has developed its market share in recent years locally as a main transition from global due to preference by customers for traditional  flavoured drinks.

Priced at Rs. 25, Colour will be initially made available in a 250 ml pet bottle with 12% fruit content.

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