MPEDA to develop organic seafood supply systems with Coop

29 Jan,  2018 

At India International Seafood Show (IISS), a two-day event held in Goa from January 27, Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA) signed MoU with Coop, Switzerland- a supermarket chain with over 2500 stores to develop organic seafood supply systems in India to be marketed through their stores. The country’s seafood exports have been growing significantly in the past five years as India exported seafood worth $5.78 billion in 2016-17.

MPEDA and Seafood Exporters Association of India hosted the show inaugurated by Chief Minister of Goa, Manohar Parrikar.  Around 3,000 delegates and more than 2,000 visitors from India and abroad, including US, the UK, Spain, Japan, Australia, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and the Middle East participated in this event which had ‘safe and sustainable seafood from India’ as the focal theme.  Seafood industry experts discussed on several topics like policies, market trends, technology and roadmaps to achieve an export target of $10 billion by 2022.


Provisional export figures during April-November 2017 have shown an increase of 18.72 per cent and 15.16 per cent respectively in quantity and value (in US dollars) of seafood exports from a year ago. Given the trend, it is expected that the export earnings will cross $6 billion during the current fiscal.  The increase in the shrimp production under aquaculture, along with enhanced processing capacity and favourable market conditions assist the exports. India is largest exporter of shrimps to the US and a leading supplier of shrimps and cephalopods to the EU market. Also the country is one of the largest suppliers of frozen shrimp to Japan and Vietnam.
MPEDA Chairman Dr. A. Jayathilak said “A key objective of the event was to highlight the country’s commitment towards sustainability in the entire value chain of seafood products such as primary production, processing and transportation. We have very defined goals with regards to exports over the next five years and programmes such as IISS are important to introduce vivid Indian marine products to newer buyers and markets.”

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