Consumers, retailers confused over plastic ban fine print

June 25, 2018
The complete ban on plastic in Maharashtra has left consumers and retailers confused and companies find themselves completely messed up to figure out the fine print to get around a lot of uncertainty.
Starting 23rd June 2018, use of plastic carry bags, plastic cups and plates and  unlabelled plastic packaging has become illegal in the state.
The supermarket operators in Maharashtra have done away with the practice of shrinkwrapping fruits and vegetables and various other products. “We had to stop shrink wrapping of food and vegetable products. Then, it is the question of hygiene standards. Now, the question is how I achieve food safety requirements?” asks Rakesh Biyani, joint managing director of Future Group.
“Packaging materials require declaration on them and on the recycling policies. Now, unfortunately, lot of these changes need much longer period of transition, and overnight retailers with existing stuff have been asked to become compliant. It is not possible to become compliant overnight on existing inventory,” Biyani said.
The petition filed by Maharashtra Plastic Manufacturing Association (MPMA) lies pending in the Bombay High Court asserting that the ban would affect over 8,000 industries and could leave around 20 lakh people unemployed.

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