Cremica Food Industries launches 14 international flavours heating up competition in mayonnaisemarket

March 19, 2019

With Mayonnaise industry at Rs 600-700 crore per month, Cremica Food Industries- India’s home-grown has launched its new product range Sugarlite salad dressing which will add to its mayonnaise food product line. With 14 international flavours, the product line up will be vying a spot in market dominated by both local and international brands such as Veeba, Dr Oetker, American Garden and Fun Foods, among others.

Along with this, the company has also introduced Bonheur range of Bar syrups in association with French syrup manufacturers Maison Routin and Mediterranean wraps, it said. The products will be launched in domestic market only.

The company’s CMD, Akshay Bector announced his association with Jubilant Foodworks latest entry in restaurant segment and have worked with Jubilant Food Works in development of their Chinese sauces for the new launch of Hong’s kitchen. He has also revealed Cremica’s future plans to bring out Opera chips. We are looking forward to have an aggressive growth in this segment. So, the snack food category will also be growing,” he added.

Beforehand, the company had announced the launch of its food park in Una, Himachal Pradesh, which will enable Cremica to launch new products as it has expanded their capabilities.

Cremica Industries expects an annual turnover of Rs 700 crore in the coming two years. Started in 1978, the company is divided among him and his two brothers who take care of the company’s other ventures including biscuits and English Oven bread.

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