Dairies yet trying to understand plastic ban

After the Maharashtra government decision to ban plastic products, most dairy industries are unsure about the process of recycling of the milk pouches. However, Government has already asked the retailers to collect and recycle the milk pouches. Dairy Industries are anxiety about that the act will directly affect their business and can also lead to rise in the price of milk.

Dairies are unclear about the exact implementation of the ban but many have expressed their worries about it. Vishwas Patil, chairman of the Kolhapur-based cooperative dairy Gokul, said “They lacked the technical knowledge about recycling the pouches. Storing such pouches will not be easy as they would start emitting foul odour soon enough.”

The government notified that only 50 micron virgin plastic milk pouches will be permitted for distribution of milk but dairies have been asked to print a 0.50 paise buyback price on the same. The pouches are expected to be collected by the retailers, who will have to dispose them of scientifically. Dairies, retailers and others in the chain will be connected in for recycling with the government, urging the dairies to shift to glass bottle or other eco-friendly methods of milk distribution.

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