Dairy Day’s 3-in-1 freedom pack launched by Dairy Classic

Image Source: Daily hunt

Aug 13, 2018

Dairy Classic Ice Creams has launched under its brand name Dairy Day’s 3-in-1 Freedom Pack ice-cream.

As India is about to celebrate it’s Independence Day, Dairy classic’s 3-in-1 ice cream resembles tri-colour flag of our nation when sliced will give three flavours (mango, vanilla and pista), with three colours respectively.

It weighs net 700ml at a price of Rs. 140 selling across 30,000 outlets in South India. Dairy Day will also hand out eco-friendly cloth bag free with every freedom pack to promote cleaner and healthy environment.

“Since its inception, Dairy Day is known for offering unique, innovative, value for money products to its consumers. The main inspiration behind the 3-in-1 ice-cream freedom pack was to make something special for the upcoming Independence Day. Though complex in manufacturing, this 3-in-1 ice-cream freedom pack will be a visual treat for our consumers,” said M. N. Jaganath, Director, Dairy Day.

Founded in 2002, Dairy Day exists as a leading ice cream brands in South India, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Dairy Day manufactures and supplies nearly 150 products in more than 30 flavours.



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