Danone’s new Smoothie range targeted towards the youth

French food giant Danone new digital campaign promotes its Smoothie range among the youth. Danone has rolled out the new product for its chocolate flavoured drink – Choco Smoothie. The company has placed itself as a nutritious alternative to snacks and mini-meals, perfect for the youth portraying how this delicious drink is not just tasty but also healthy and filling. Danone has a range of products that have a good market presence in India. The Danone dairy range includes Milk, Curd, Yoghurt, Mishti Doi, Greek Yoghurt, Cold Coffee and Choco Smoothie.

Today the youth have a lot to deal with as they have to go to college, exams, friends, relationships, responsibilities etc. Danone Choco Smoothie perfectly fits right into the lives of these enthusiastic youth. Danone India, with Indigo Consulting has launched an appealing Hinglish rap to attract consumers. The film has been released across digital channels.

Marketing Head, Danone India, Himanshu Bakshi said “Take a Chill-Fill’ tells a consumer that small problems are an everyday affair. So why not just stop stressing and take a ‘Chill-Fill’ with Danone smoothie?”

National Creative Director, Indigo Consulting, Navin Kansal said, “Danone Smoothie is a healthy, filling and an anytime consumption snack. The ‘Take a Chill Fill’ ditty is a light-hearted take on how this ‘snack’ can play a role in helping us take little things that blindside us in our day-to-day lives, in our stride. And at the same time be satiating as well.”

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