Department of Agriculture and the FDA agree to share regulation of ‘Lab meat ‘in US

Nov 19, 2018

Paving the way to get so-called “lab meat” US authorities has agreed on how to regulate food products cultured from animal cells. Hence Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration agreed to share regulation of cell-cultured food products.
While technical details have yet to be confirmed, the FDA would oversee the collection and differentiation of cells — when stem cells develop to specialized cells — while USDA would oversee production and labeling of food products.
This regulatory framework will leverage both the FDA’s experience regulating cell-culture technology and living bio systems and the USDA’s expertise in regulating livestock and poultry products for human consumption.
So how successful is the lab meat among the customers, as production costs are very high and nobody has a product that is ready to sell yet.
The backers of “lab meat” argue avoiding slaughtering animals will reduce both suffering and greenhouse emissions — and is a sustainable option to feed growing populations hungry for protein. But they are locked in disagreement with farming organizations about whether such products can indeed be called “meat.” 

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