DuPont Nutrition & Health Receives Regulatory Approval for MicroGARD® in Thailand

Newly approved fermentates from the DuPont™ Danisco® portfolio that provide a natural solution to shelf-life extension will benefit health conscious consumers

The Thai Food and Drug administration (FDA) has recently granted regulatory approval to two MicroGARD® products – MicroGARD® 100 and MicroGARD® 200. MicroGARD® has a long safe history of use in food and is often used as a food protection ingredient by maintaining product quality and reducing premature spoilage, hence improving profitability for food manufacturers. Both fermentates inhibit gram negative bacteria, and certain yeasts and molds across a wide range of food products such as dairy, culinary and bakery applications.

“It is very important to maintain the sensory attributes such as taste and flavor, and freshness of industralised food products throughout distribution and shelf-life. Many small-medium enterprises (SMEs) resort to using synthetic preservatives and often do not comply to food standards,” said Sittideth Sriprateth, Sales Leader, Thailand & Myanmar, DuPont Nutrition & Health.

“The use of synthetic preservatives is very prevalent in Southeast Asia, MicroGARD® provides an innovative and effective way to partially or fully replace synthetic preservatives, creating new opportunities for food manufacturers” he added.

Thailand has a well-developed food processing sector and exports many of its dairy and bakery products to overseas markets. This approval means consumers can be assured of better, fresher and safer food products for consumption.

Cyndy Au, Regional Director, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs, Asia Pacific, explains: “In Southeast Asia, there is no harmonization of food standards that manufacturers can refer to. The attempt to register for MicroGARD® in Thailand started in 2014 and was only accepted for registration in 2017. As MicroGARD® is a unique innovation and not listed in the Codex International food regulations framework, we had to work very closely with the relevant authorities to adhere to the extensive stringent reviews.”

Cyndy added, “We’re really proud of this significant accomplishment. The approval of MicroGARD® is a huge milestone for Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia because policy makers in this region often confer with one another when making decisions.”

MicroGARD® was developed decades ago and celebrated its 35th anniversary last year.

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