Elanpro providing technologically advanced solutions for the Ice Cream Industry  

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July 23, 2018

Modern Ice Cream industry is highly technological with rigid demands for temperature control throughout the value chain. The Ice Cream industry is one of the more intricate and diverse, and it requires refrigeration and temperature controls that are reliable throughout.
In Ice cream production, products such as milk require precise temperature management to achieve a consistent quality in a safe and efficient way. Elanpro provides a wide variety of commercial refrigeration solutions which enable Ice Cream businesses to produce and store a range of products in the most economical and efficient way possible. Our range of Combi Freezers and Visi Coolers are able to store a large amount of product at optimum temperature whether it is litres of milk or containers of ice cream.
The Ice Cream industry has a critical need for temperature controlled storage as many the products have a very short lifespan and are extremely sensitive to even small variations above the optimal. Our long term storage solutions are ideal for expanding the lifespan of your business in a cost effective manner optimizing your profits.
Elanpro’s innovative, new generation Combi Freezer range is uniquely designed with double cabinet to facilitate storage of Ice Cream and milk products separately as they need different temperature. While Ice Cream or frozen products are to be stored at –20Deg C, milk and other milk products like butter, cheese, Curd require +4Deg C. The product is integrated with 70mm insulation for working in high ambient condition and long hold over time. The benefits of the latest in refrigeration technology are also integrated to provide users with a fridge-freezer that gives them maximum control and makes everyday life simpler. 60% freezer and 40% chiller, It is an evolved product to meet customers demand. Small shop keeper who either were forced to buy 2 units or use Chest freezer for all type of products thus loosing quality of product can use this product to comfortably maintain proper temperature.
Additionally, we have an innovative offering for the market is EF 825. An ideal solution for safe storage of ice creams and dairy products, Elanpro EF 825 is the largest size commercial refrigerator cum freezer in the industry.  The product is equipped with tropicalized compressor to give it a wide climate zone design suited especially for Indian weather conditions. Its three door with compact design ensures the product remains at the desired temperature.
I believe that the flexible features in our product range make them ideal for the industry. We have variable products catering to wide range of requirements of ice-cream industry.
Elanpro has worked for years to accommodate the specific requirements of businesses within the Ice Cream industry simultaneously acting as a competent and trustworthy partner for the Ice Cream manufacturers, suppliers and sellers. We develop and build high quality, energy efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration and storage solutions that ensure the long-term preservation and freshness of products.

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