Export boost from facilitation centre

Export facilitation centre of Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board (MSAMB) have been exceptionally excellent business boost greatly at export centres. According to reports business in last three months is on its peak. All 21 centers have witnessed processing of agricultural supplies worth Rs 26.55 crore and the total quantum of produce exported from the centres stood at 2,761.41 tonne.
Over the last few months, the Board has taken initiatives to help farmers boost avenues for marketing. The special marketing agents have been appointed in major markets outside Maharashtra. These agents will be working on identifying the essential trade channels required to help farmers from Maharashtra to gain a grip there. Other than the export facilitation centers, the Board runs fruits and vegetables centres as well as a flower facilitation centre.
This centre’s are at presently being run by a group of farmer’s and exporters on a private public partnership model. Sunil Pawar, managing director of the MSAMB, said “most of the commodities processed at the centres were headed to Germany, Netherlands, Thailand, Doha, and USA. Grapes, roses, pomegranate, spices, animal fodder etc were the main produce handled in these centres”. Known as the fruit bowl of India, the major produce from the state includes grapes, mangoes and pomegranates.
Also the regions of Pune, Nashik, Satara, Kolhapur, Sangli are known for their extensive vegetable cultivation. Just about 1.2 per cent of fruits and vegetables are processed in the state with the majority being consumed fresh.
 When it comes to fresh agri produce, reports recommended that the state records are consumption of 30 per cent of the produce. The state annually produces 204 lakh tonne of fresh produce of which 30 per cent is consumed in handling and storage.
 The combined ability of these centres is around 1,000 tonne. In the last three months the produce worth Rs 1.88 crore was processed in these centres for sale in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bengaluru.

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