Farmers happy to grow volume of Broccoli in India

Jan 5, 2019

Indian Vizag agro-agency is increasingly conducting successful experiments with the cultivation of exotic vegetables and fruits. These exotic products require very cold climatic conditions to grow and bear fruits. Like the famous strawberries of Lambasingi, Araku broccoli the demand is increasing due to its nutritional value. Since past 2 to 3 years of broccoli cultivation, this year’s result were overwhelming. The farmers have earned more by selling the crop, with due credit to the favourable climatic conditions prevailing at the time of harvest.

Compared to last year, this year yield was better said the happy farmers. In the current season every week around 500kg of broccoli was sent to Rythu market for sales which sells off within a span of 2-3 days.

“This year the cultivated area has increased to 200 acres. Broccoli is grown from October to February. An acre yields four to five tons of broccoli per season. This year, broccoli has been cultivated on more acres, as there has been more demand for the vegetable and the farmers have got very good results,” said Siva Kumar, the scientist and head of Horticulture Research Station, Chintapalle.

Broccoli is sold for Rs. 60 per kg in the Rythu bazaars, the price shots up to Rs. 130 to Rs. 180 per kg in retail stores, super and hyper markets. “We get broccoli from the agency on Fridays and sell for two to three days. The locally cultivated, healthy vegetable and its price are attracting people. Further, not many farmers cultivate broccoli as land and climate are not suitable forit,” informed T. Linga Murthy, the MVP Rythu Bazaar estate officer to the mediaperson.

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