Farmers to focus on pulses and cereals

June 13, 2018

The farmers are asked by the Agriculture Department not to pursue in water-intensive paddy crops during the kuruvai season when there is a water shortage across the delta for cultivation. They suggested that the farmers should go for pulses and cereals and even green manure to prepare their land for next season. This would help the farmers to have a good yield, they said.

Continuous cropping and frequent cultivation would result in the destruction of organic content in the soil leading to depletion of soil fertility, officials said. So, alternative sources of plant nutrients are needed. The agriculture department provides green manure plant seeds to the farmers. For those who could not take up cultivation can grow them and plough it into the soil to improve the soil fertility during the kuruvai season.

Agriculture department also distributes pulses and cereals to the farmers. Instead of going for water-intensive paddy, farmers should take up pulses or cereal cultivation without spending much money, officials said.

“I hope monsoon would be encouraging the farmers this year. As in the case of farmers in the rainfed areas, farmers in delta should also act wisely by taking up short-term crops such as sesame and black gram,” opined a senior official from the agriculture department in Thanjavur.

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