Fast growing nutraceuticals sector urgently need to adopt self-regulation: FSSAI


July 26, 2018

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, FSSAI has elucidated because of misinformation there is a lot of confusion amid consumers about nutraceuticals, and has urged the nutraceutical industry to adopt self-regulation, as it has bigger responsibility to ensure quality and safe products to consumers.
Nutraceuticals are product of food origin with extra health benefits in addition to the basic nutritional value of the food. These can be viewed as non-specific biological therapies that promote general health, control symptoms and prevent malignant processes.
Ashish Bahuguna, Chairman FSSAI explained that the acceptability of nutraceuticals will to grow, but it is equally important to remove misinformed confusion from the consumers mind.
Nutraceuticals companies are giving out false claims about the products. The consumers want claims on labels to be clear. The industry should clarify the difference between nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, he said asking the industry to work in this direction.
Consumer interest and safety should be the priority for the industry, for which it should adopt self-regulation and FSSAI will make stringent rules that no one violates. Manufacturers have bigger responsibility to make quality and safe products. And FSSAI is open to accepting suggestions to improve the sector.
The industry should be worried about herbal security as the country cannot depend on other nations like Indonesia for regular supply. As in Ayurveda, if you don’t get one herb, it is adulterated with other. Even in nutraceuticals, it happens. Therefore, herbal security is important. Thus it has become important that India should patent new products else other countries will do so, affecting the domestic industry.
Also the nutraceuticals industry is forced to make products from equipment and processes designed by pharma industry. Time has come for them to redesign equipments for nutraceuticals. Another problem is that nutraceuticals are packed scientifically. They are packed in plastics that reduce the quality of dosages each time the bottle is opened; he said and suggested blister packaging.
According to an Assocham Knowledge report, the Indian nutraceuticals market is expected to grow from USD 4 billion in 2017 to $18 billion in 2025.The key global players in this sector include GSK Consumer Healthcare, HUL, Nestle, Danone, Kellogg’s and Amway. Indian companies like ITC, Dabur, Himalaya, Patanjali and Baidyanath are trying to reach out to customers by introducing new products in the market.
New companies like Sami Labs, Tirupati Group, Deccan Healthcare and Vantage Nutrition are making the market for nutraceuticals looks promising.

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