“First Indian mangoes will arrive in Chinese market soon”, Bai

April 16, 2019

With summers approaching which brings mangoes with itself, India will be exporting a volume of its variety of mangoes to China.

Mr. Bai of Dalian Farm International Trade Co., Ltd. voiced, “Our first shipment of Indian mangoes this year will arrive in the Chinese market in mid-April. The supply season will last till early August. We are importing Alfanso , Banginapalli, and Kesar varieties of mangoes. Indian mangoes are some of the best in the world. Whether we look at the sugar content or fragrance, Indian mangoes leave their Chinese competitors far behind. This is why Indian mangoes sell so well in the Chinese market year after year. We expect the price of Indian mangoes to remain stable as it was last year. The size of the mangoes is also more or less the same, but the product quality is better.”

“We adjust our import varieties based on Chinese market demand. For example, last year we initially imported Banginapalli mangoes, but this year we are importing Alfanso mangoes first.”

“We currently aim for high-end supermarkets and fruit chain stores in first and second-tier cities throughout China. We rely on our solid company image and superior product quality to create customer loyalty. We have already secured a share of the market, but we hope to expand our retail channels to reach more consumers and give them the opportunity to taste the superior flavour of Indian mangoes.”

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