Food brands trying to overcome challenge posed by mainstream sweeteners

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July 26, 2018

As food brands try to overcome challenges posed by mainstream sweeteners, GlobalData has stressed upon five ingredient innovations to look out for in response to the War on Sugar. Its report, ‘Ingredient Insights: War on Sugar’, elucidates that health has developed as a key purchase driver in the food and drinks sectors and sheds light on how brands are addressing demand for reduced- or zero-sugar formulations using key on-trend and emerging ingredients.
For the bulk of consumers’ globally, choosing food and drink products with reduced sugar content has developed as a key goal. According to the latest data from GlobalData, 57 per cent of shoppers in the APAC region are choosing foods with low/no sugar while 52 per cent are doing the same when buying soft drinks.
Therefore, food and drink brands offering ‘natural’ and ‘low sugar’ positioning must carefully consider the inclusion of highly processed sweeteners, as consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about their use with many actively avoiding products that contain them.’’
Coca-Cola’s first venture into a stevia sweetened cola – Coca-Cola Life which blended stevia with sugar – received mixed response, and has been discontinued in many markets including the UK and Australia. However, this year, the brand is set to trial Coca-Cola Stevia No Sugar; its first to be sweetened 100 per cent by stevia and featuring ‘a flavor profile closer to sugar without a bitter aftertaste,’ thanks to its collaboration with PureCircle to supply an innovative stevia variant which is much higher in sweet-tasting steviol glycoside Reb M than conventional varieties.  

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