‘Food processing industry can boost employment generation’ – Dr. B. K. Yadav

March 14, 2019

“Food processing industry can be boost for employment generation in the State of Assam,” said Dr. B. K. Yadav, Professor and HOD, Department of Food Packaging & System Development, Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology (IIFPT) while speaking at a conference ‘Assam Food Tech Conclave, here organized recently by Indian Chamber of Commerce.

To enhance the process of entrepreneurship in the food processing sector, the Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology (IIFPT) has taken quite a number of initiatives. Accordingly, food processing sector is a sunrise sector for the country and can generate 10 times of employment than any other industry, increasing the farmer’s prosperity and upliftment of their betterment. This will boost for them towards greater production and better returns.

India is a global leader in many agri and horticultural products of fruits and vegetables, pulses, wheat, rice, milk etc and can take place as a world leader in processed food variety also. Countries like Malaysia is processing 80% of its agriculture produce while it is only 20% in India. The State of Assam is at a great loss because of post-harvest fatalities. Northern part of India is a paradise for good many unique products like king chilly, basmati rice, poultry, etc and many of its products has got the geographical indication tags. Geographical Indication definitely boosts international marketing of the products.

Charu Lata Mahanta, Professor, Department of Food Engineering and Technology, Tezpur University addressing the conclave said processing of traditional food items is also important. Traditional products like black rice, joha rice, red rice etc are various varieties which can be processed for other states and international sales as well”. Charu added, “Till now processing is happening only at the milling level whereas many nutraceutical products can be derived from it. Tertiary processing of rice can fetch really high value for the farmers. These technologies are available with the industry and entrepreneurs can utilize them with proper training”.

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