Food Safety in the hands of only 10 FDA officers for over 60 Lakh people!!

Nov 2, 2018

According to a health report, Nashik has the same amount of FDA from the date of formation of the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) till today. Since then only 10 officers have been appointed to keep a track on eateries and food huts to cover more than 60 lakh people. The sole responsibility rests on the shoulders of these 10 offices to ensure the food consumed by these masses are being made and sold which is hygienically prepared and safe to eat.

“The number of food safety officers has been the same ever since the office came into existence decades ago. In Nashik district, initially there were 12 posts, which were reduced to 10 sometime back,” said a food safety officer. “With changing times, the population has increased, markets have increased, new varieties of food products have arrived in the market, and different items are produced from a same fruit or vegetable. The food safety officers cannot be everywhere and no food seller of producer, however small or big, can be given the benefit of doubt,” he added.

The officer also said that during the raid conducted, the officers are all on their own. They seize the stall, confiscated the adulterated food items, make arrangements for a vehicle to pick up, make a report and send it to the senior officer. Speaking to the media, the FDA officers are of the opinion that,  there should be at least 50 officers in Nashik along with three assistants working under them.

“It is a fact that the number of posts are less. However, all sanctioned posts are filled and we are duty bound to ensure that citizens get only pure and unadulterated food and other items. We are making the best use of the available officers to provide quality service to the citizens,” emphasized Chandrashekhar Salunke, joint director, FDA, Nashik .

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