Fruits follow fish- All harmful foods under scanner-FSSAI

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July 23, 2018


The Food Safety officials have ordered the closure of M/s Modern Ice Cream Factory and Plaza bakery, Nagaland for unhygienic conditions. As the net has widened its scope to check varieties of fruits such as mangoes, bananas , pomegranates, watermelons which were found with traces of carbide, for artificial ripening,  all fruits are banned for sale and until tests are complete to rule out traces of various banned chemicals used for artificial ripening or making them look fresher.

After carrying out tests, Food Safety officials ordered disposal of around 5000 kgs of various fruits at DMC dumping site. The scanner for the Food Safety officials will also get a “GO” to bring imported vegetables from other states under focus. It will not be wrong to state that Sikkim is the only state which is  as the ‘Organic State’ in India. It has completely banned import of vegetables of all kinds into the state. A dark green hue appearance on many imported vegetables is a clear cut sign of chemicals applied or injected to make them look fresh. Transportation takes 10 to 20 days to Nagaland and these greens under the impact of chemicals appear fresh.

Silicone spray is used on vegetables to slow down the ripening process then they are immersed in desired color, packed and then dispatched to the required destination.

The artificial color used on green vegetables like ridge gourd, lady fingers, pointed gourds, beans, bottle gourds, cucumber which appear fresh is actually harmful dye used in textile industries.  Abnormally huge and oversize vegetables in markets are actually due to growth hormones injected to speed up the production and growth. Farmers would use a syringe and inject those hormones into individual veggies.

Fruits that have a uniform colour are more likely to have been artificially ripened. The naturally ripened fruits are patchy. Calcium Carbide is used to give uniformity in colour for tomatoes, mango and papaya.

Bananas can also be identified same way if the fruits are all yellow green whereas the stem is dark. It is not advisable to buy fruits when they arrive in the market before the due period i.e. early and off-season.

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