FSSAI extended 6 months for ice cream

 June 8, 2018
Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has extended the time line for six months for compliance of labeling provisions for the frozen desserts. Now the rule will be applicable from 1st of January 2018. Manufacturers of frozen desserts and ice cream raised voices against the food regulator and demanded to extend time limit. Food regulator after reviewing the issue extended this time line.
Talking about recent FSSAI’s order, a manufacturer of frozen desserts told Ice Cream Times that they have regularly raised voices regarding the labeling requirements for frozen desserts with added vegetable oil/fat on the packs. “We look forward to get further extension and hope FSSAI will grant us the same,” said he.
It is noted that country’s food regulator last year in his regulation has passed an order to the frozen dessert manufacturers to mention “Frozen Dessert with Vegetable Oil” on their packs. Authority senior official in his statement said, “ice-cream is one of the most popular packaged food items in India. I think that the food labeling laws need to be changed to ensure that consumers can easily identify whether a product is an ice-cream or a frozen dessert, and if they still choose to buy a frozen dessert (I wouldn’t), then the law should ensure that the vegetable oil used is specified.”
Raising concern on FSSAI’s standard FD and ice cream manufacturers demanded to keep industry out of this order. Industry has also approached FSSAI to change the entire nomenclature of FD & Ice cream industry. Responding to their demand FSSAI has constituted a committee to look into the matter. Committee is made up of all the stake holders of the FD and Ice Cream industry along with consumer representatives, research institutions like NDRI, NDDB, Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Department of Animal Husbandry, etc.  
Welcoming the safety authority step, industry said that they are working on nomenclature change and incase of delay further extension. Froze Dessert manufacturers have asked as to why they have to mention vegetable oil on their packs where as snacks and bakery are not entitled to mention it on their packets? However, other labeling regulations will continue as earlier.
FSSAI defines an ice cream, kulfi or softy ice-cream as a concoction obtained by freezing a mix of milk and/or other products derived from milk, with or without the addition of sweetening agents, fruits, fruit products, and eggs, among other things.  

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