FSSAI instructs labs to test presence of Glyphosate in imported pulses

Oct 22, 2018
Life threatening toxins of glyphosate, herbicide found in pulses, has given a sense of strong concern to FSSAI. The food regulator has instructed authorized officers of laboratories to test its presence in every consignment along with other testing parameters. These tests are to be conducted at regional labs and the results will be shared with FSSAI in 15 days time.
According FSSAI, with higher levels of residues of glyphosate found in pulses, adversely affects the health of the consumers when consumed. The continuous ingesting glyphosate residues in food cause health issues and major centre of concern. Glyphosate interferes with fundamental biochemical reactions and may predispose humans to obesity, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other health problems.
Glyphosate is one of the commonly used herbicide globally – often used to prevent weed growing along with the crops. Considered safe in 2015, till World Health Organization’s IARC classified glyphosate as a probable carcinogen producing chemical. 
India imports pulses from Australia,Canada and Russia. 

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