FSSAI restricts use of cooking oil more than thrice by eateries & restaurants

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is all set to force a new rule on eateries and restaurants which will bar them from using cooking oil more than three times from the same batch. FSSAI has issued notices to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) departments of all states in India asking them to ensure that the rule which is mandatory is implemented by March 1.

This rule is imposed and  applied to all snacks outlets, eateries, dhabas, hotels and restaurants using more than 50 litres of oil per day. The rule has been brought into effect as per Section 16 (5) of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

​The FSSAI also said that starting March 1, it will conduct inspections across the country to ascertain that the rule is being adhered to by eatery and restaurant owners. These outlet owners have been asked to prepare and maintain a daily chart of their daily consumption of oil along to maintain a logbook pertaining the source and purchase of edible oils.

Pallavi Dadare, commissioner of FDA (Maharashtra division) told mediapersons, that reused cooking oil leads to changes in the physiochemical and nutritional properties. Total polar compounds (TPCs) should not go above 25%.  This physiochemical changes in used oil, leads to unhealthy practice of cooking and risks life with various problems of heart, guts and skin.

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