FSSAI to curb use of antibiotics in processed meat, meat products, poultry and eggs, sea foods and milk

Image Source: FranchiseIndia

Aug 2, 2018,

The use of antibiotics in processed meat, meat products, poultry, eggs, and milk has been a source of worry for the consumers. But Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is all set to restrict use of antibiotics and veterinary drugs to ensure safety of animal products such as processed meat, meat products, poultry and eggs, sea foods and milk.

Very soon the food regulator will fix “tolerance limits” for presence of antibiotics in such food items as it has made changes to the existing Food Safety and Standards (contaminants, toxins and residues) Regulations, 2011.

In the proposed regulations the vets and animal owners will have to guarantee that any animal products they produce are drug-free before they can be used as food. The new regulations would also mean implementation of drug withdrawal period before treated animals, eggs or milk are used for consumption as food. This allows time for the drugs to completely leave the animal’s system.

To ensure that the regulation is abided FSSAI will do surprise inspections and random sampling to check such products do not contain antibiotic residues beyond the permissible limit.

This step taken by FSSAI is very important because there have been huge concerns related to presence of antibiotics in such animal foods. While India has been under severe international pressure, overuse of antibiotics in food-producing animals is often blamed for the increase in super bugs.

Antibiotic resistance is a serious problem and animal products are a major source of it and the regulator wants to ensure that no contaminated food products are able to enter the food supply.

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