High hopes with Central Government, but all in vain- Singhvi

June 21, 2018

In a meeting of the Rajasthan Salt Business Federation, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Udaipur division(UCCI), Paras Singhvi, said that 4 years back the business world had high hopes with the central government, but it was all in vain.

Singhvi said that the policies of Central government have brought in a sluggish economic downturn which has given a tremendous setback to the growth in the industry. He also expressed growing concern over increasing atrocities on merchants.

Adding to the rising worries, Singhvi has also asked the merchants to do business dynamically and in unity.

With a bigger hammer of GST on namkeens with 12 per cent which came into effect on 1st july 2017, sweets and snacks manufacturers and sellers across the country had urged Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to put these savouries in the 5 per cent taxation slab of the GST. They had argued that the namkeens are consumed by the common man and are produced by a labour-intensive industry that provides employment to a large number of skilled and unskilled personnel and should attract lower taxes. All these policies of the Central government have been adversely affected the merchants and their businesses resulting in disappointment. Concluding the meeting, Shabir Mustafa, adviser to the special guest chamber, spoke of transparency in doing business.The meeting was also presided by the Union President Sushil Agrawal.


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