Honey now to be standardized by FSSAI

Aug 29, 2018 

Of late, a lot has been spoken about adulteration of food industry and honey is one such product of nature whose purity is difficult to judge. Thus, to put an end to this honey trauma, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has notified new standards for it. Major brand producers of honey have come under scanner of the food regulator. Honey adulteration has been growing as artificial colours, jaggery water and caramelized sugars are added in a very quantity of honey giving it a honey- like look.

The report further elaborates on the mixtures that honey is commonly adulterated with corn and rice syrup, cane and beet sugars and sulphite-ammonia caramel. “A lot has been going on with regards to the honey sold in the market. There has been a growing concern amongst the public of honey being adulterated with corn or sugar syrup,” said an official from FSSAI. The regulator has collected honey samples from Dabur, Patanjali,  Zandu  and other popular brands for lab testing.

“We have collected samples of all the brands selling honey in the market, but the testing is not yet over. The results may take couple of weeks to come,” the official added. “If any food business operator (FBO) is found in violating of the new standards set for honey, they will have to pay a fine up to Rs.3 lakh and imprisonment up to six months.  While the enforcement of the new regulation will start next year, the surveillance and monitoring activities will keep continuing,” the official told.

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