Horticulture Dept. of India plans to bring 100 ha of land under apple plantation

According to apple experts, with the new high-density plantation scheme, which will guarantee a revolution in the horticulture sector, the Kashmir government is going to create the apple plantations on 100 hectares of land.

The government, under this scheme, has authorised three local companies that import high-density apple trees from foreign countries to continue with their plantation. These saplings will be kept in quarantine facilities for over a year and then distributed among 3 orchardists.

The expected cost would be about Rs. 400,000 out of which the government will bear Rs. 200,000 while the remainder will be borne by the orchardists.

One of the orchardists of high-density apple plants, Izhan Javeed, said that under this scheme, they will import and plant apples like Fuji, Granny, Red Delicious and Gala varieties. These high-density apple plants bear more fruit and require fewer efforts in cultivation as compared to the traditional apple trees.

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