Ice Cream fest 2018 by Thinkin’ Culture-Nagpur

Image Source: Melboutrne Food


July 22, 2018 

What a way to start a weekend!!! Ice cream Fest 2018 organized at Nagpur for the weekenders.


Lots of Ice cream, desserts, food was served with live music. Family and friends participated and totally enjoyed the “Thinkin’ Culture” an ice cream fest on 21st July 2018 at Chitnavis Centre, Nagpur where hundreds of Nagpurians came to witness the temptation of Ice cream.


The fest received a hearty welcome by the Nagpurians as they got a opportunity to taste variety of foods at one place, the crowd even came to know various methods of how ice creams are manufactured on small as well as large scale. It was the perfect ambiance for the fest. Such small ice cream fests should be organized for small time ice cream makers to help them grow and participate in bigger events.  The reason behind the ice fest was as it is the international month of ice cream the organizers kept this theme with various activities planned for every section of age group. Everyone had a good time at “Thinkin’ Culture” said Ceo Shalini Panwar.


The visitors said it is a very good event a new concept which has been introduced in Nagpur for the first time we love to be part of more such thing should happen. They also said that this is a pretty good fest and something exciting is happening in Nagpur these things give us an opportunity to be at one place and taste different food items and interact with new friends.


Fried Ice Cream, Nitrogen biscuit, Oreotic, tornaods, six layer cake were some of the main attraction of the fest. Other attractions were stone based ice cream, cherry brownies, cheese nachos, watermelon green apple cold drinks, nachos and many more.



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