Ikea plans electric vehicles for home deliveries

June 30, 2018

“Ikea is planning to use electric vehicles for home deliveries across the country”, said a senior official of the company.


Deputy Country Manager of IKEA India, Patrik Antoni said the company will be installing charging pods at its store in Hyderabad to encourage both employees and customers to switch to electric vehicles.

According to a press release, Ikea initially aims at using electric vehicles, upto 20 per cent of its total customer delivery fleet and subsequently increase them up 60 per cent over three years.

“To meet the Indian customers’ service expectations home delivery will be an important component of our offer. As a company, we have ambitious plans to adopt electric vehicles across our operations and in our first year in India, around 20 per cent of our customer delivery fleet will comprise electric vehicles.

The initiative concerns our own vehicles at our stores and offices, but also includes our partners who take care of our home deliveries,” he further said.

Meanwhile Ikea said it has chosen Gati-KWE,  express distribution services firm as logistic partner for its upcoming store here.  The store is expected to be open next month here.

The press release issued by Gati, the partnership will enable Ikea to efficiently manage home deliveries of its products (Do-It-Yourself) sold from its first ever India store to customer homes across Telangana.

The overall scope of partnership is a combination of contract logistics, last-mile distribution and reverse logistics, it said.


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