India and the Arab World working together for food security

April 4, 2019

Food security is one of the major worries of many nations today and in this regard India and the Arab World are working towards ensuring long term energy security as well as food security for each other.

This was underlined when Minister of Commerce and Industry and Civil Aviation Suresh Prabhu recently met Delhi-based Ambassadors of the Arab countries. They discussed a number of issues pertaining to India-Arab relations including trade, investment and energy and food security.

Prabhu underlined that his country is poised to become a five trillion economy by 2022 and will become a $ 10 trillion economy by 2030 and he asserted that the ties between the two sides are based upon mutual benefit as India is seeking long-term energy security and food security ties with the Arab World.

The Indian government has drawn a plan to achieve the proposed economic growth and five districts have been chosen to conduct experiments in this connection. Both India and Kuwait also reviewed the results of bilateral talks held in January over enhancing cooperation in the aviation sector and the process of increasing seats for public aviation companies of both the countries which would help to increase the income substantially as the aviation sector is witnessing a 20 percent annual growth.


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