Indian Grapes seek more international markets

It’s a remarkable moment when India’s total grape export in 2017-18 reached Rs. 1,900 crore.

Inspite of India’s grape exports to the European Union have risen to 19% compared to last year ago, grapes cultivators are anxious as the exports to other global markets are irregular.

February 27th 2018, India had exported 52,913 tons of grapes to the EU as against 44,332 tonnes exported on the same day last year, according to the data of Agricultural and Processed Foods Export Development Authority (Apeda).

“The grape export to the EU has increased this year. However, the problem is with export to Russia, Sri Lanka and other countries. Our estimate is that the export to other countries is lagging by at least 50 per cent as compared to the previous year,” said Jagath Khapre, president, Indian Grape Exporters’ Association.

Grapes hold itself in a highest share where India’s fruit basket for export is concerned. Grape growers are facing problems on phytosanitory issues, which growers asserted were raised after the exports started. “We are awaiting clarification and clear communication from government agencies about the latest issue,” said Khapre.

In the domestic market prices are low due to the impact of extended winter season, state of growth of the fruits and the low sugar content in it.

“The demand from domestic consumers was lower as the fruits have not turned sweet enough,” said Khaderao Shevale, a grape grower from Nashik. According to the marketing department of Maharashtra, wholesale grape prices in cities of Nashik, Sangli and Solapur are prevailing between Rs. 15/kg and Rs. 35/ kg, while in the metro cities, the wholesale prices are from Rs. 20/kg to Rs. 60/kg.

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