Indians to taste Greek apples

Importers from India are constantly hunting for new markets to import the best of fruits to offer Indians the taste of life. But regretfully certain trade regulations hamper this opportunity and these markets remain unexplored.

Fortuitously, often import market opens for certain transaction in connection with the trade. Luckily this opening cleared the path for apples from Greece. These apples had some difficulties to make way in India, but Aeden Fruits hit the pot and made it possible for the apples to find corridor to the Indian market.

Reading an article on import of fruits especially Greek apples got the stone rolling for Mr. Kamaruddeen, Managing Director for Aeden Fruits, “The first thought of importing apples from Greece came from an article which I came across on the FreshPlaza website. It told me that Indian markets would be open for Greek apples. Now we already do regular imports from European countries, so the opening of the Indian market for these Greek apples made us think about paying the country a visit. We did, and I was really impressed by the quality of the apples they produce. The impression lasted, as I decided we should make these apples available in India. We’re truly honored to be the pioneer to introduce them to the Indian people.”

Aeden Fruits is interested in bulk imports of the apples but the process is quite slow. “Currently we have approval for only eight containers from the concerned departments. This will change once we get a permanent approval from the Authorities of India. When we receive that, we expect to import approximately 95 containers per season. The varieties we are currently importing are Red Delicious and Granny.”

“It could soon be smooth sailing for the Indian importers, but when they started this project there were quite a few bumps in the road”, admitted Kamaruddeen: “It was practically a huge challenge for us to import the first containers of apples from Greece. We faced a lot of struggles in clearing the cargo on time. The government officials of India surveyed our container and the Cochin customs and all the concerned departments really need to be appreciated for the efficient and right work they render. All the processes in clearing the cargo were carefully examined and done. All the documentation was done very carefully too, so in the end we got to the point where we wanted to be.”

“Greece produce some of the best quality apples around the world, making them available in the Indian market is a positive thing in itself. We can all enjoy the best quality apples of Greece without having to visit the country ourselves. The priority for these Greek apples lie in the domestic market. And who knows, now that we have access to the Greek apples, other markets might become interesting for us as well. Countries like Italy and Poland are definitely on the list for the future.” Concluded Kamaruddeen.

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