Jan 28, 2019

Mumbai, 17th January, 2018: AAK Kamani Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading specialty oils and fats manufacturer, organised the first Mega ‘Kamani Bakery Challenge’ in Mumbai. The challenge was judged by eminent chefs from the industry which includes Chef Suresh Thampy from Holiday Inn Mumbai, Chef Mohammed Imran from Leela Hotels and Chef Vikas Sharma from Travel Food Services Private Ltd.

Mega Kamani Bakery Challenge was a grand finale competition where the winners from the Kamani Bakery Challenge from cities of Pune, Ahmedabad and Kolhapur competed. Mega Kamani Bakery Challenge gave a platform to all the participants to innovate and promote healthy products. This live competition took place at AAK Kamani’s Customer Innovation Centre, a Centre of Co-Development that collaborates with customers to achieve their business goals.


The 1st Mega KBC winners were Pradeep Sweets from Pune who won the award in the health category and Ismail Bakeryfrom Pune who won the award in the innovation category.

Commenting on the success of the event, Mr. ArunVarma, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, AAK KAMANI said, “We have always been a believer of healthy living and building a fitter generation. We at AAK Kamani strongly believe in being a Co-Development partner of our customers to improve and innovate their products by providing expert solutions. It gave us great pleasure to host the 1st Mega Kamani Bakery Challenge event in Mumbai for all the winners to compete and create innovative and healthy products. Mega Kamani Bakery Challenge is an avenue we have been eagerly looking forward to. It recognizes some of the brightest talents in our industry and pushes them to think beyond their routine work to create innovative products.

Commenting on their win in the health category, “Nikhil Bansal” from “Pradeep Sweets” said “Being recognized as a winner of the Mega Kamani Bakery Challenge is a great accomplishment for us. AAK Kamani has successfully provided us a platform that motivated us to achieve milestones in reinventing healthy food. We are extremely thankful to the entire team of AAK Kamani”

Commenting on their win in the Innovation category, “Musa Ansari” from “Ismail Bakery” said, “Today our customers are on a constant hunt for innovative offerings. Mega Kamani Bakery Challenge is a great learning experience and we would like to thank AAK Kamani for their continuous efforts to help the baking community innovate and grow our business.”

The short-listed products were judged by the jury on the parameters of taste and texture, design and production, health and innovation. “It’s a great initiative by AAK Kamani to promote innovation and recognize the talented bakers for creating healthier variations of products at Mega Kamani Bakery Challenge. We are happy to be associated with Mega Kamani Bakery Challenge and appreciate the efforts put up by the entire team of AAK Kamani” said Chef Vivekkadam, Executive Pastry Chef, ITC Maratha Mumbai.


About Kamani Bakery Challenge and Mega Kamani Bakery Challenge

AAK Kamani Pvt. Ltd. started the Kamani Bakery Challenge & Mega Kamani Bakery Challenge Awards to recognize the talent of bakers and appreciate their quality work. Kamani Bakery Challenge Awards aim to provide them with a platform to innovate their products and come up with healthier variations of popular desserts. All the KBC winners from Pan India get a direct access to Mega Kamani Bakery Challenge in Mumbai to compete with other bakers.

About AAK KamaniPvt Ltd

AAK KamaniPvt Ltd. is a leading producer of specialty oils and fats started in 1962. On offer are a wide range of products for specialized applications for the food industry. Besides speciality fats for Bakery, Confectionary & Frozen Dessert, their products include a range of culinary oils.


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