Kashmir concern about false candies and toffees

2 April, 2018


Food Safety enforcement remains weak in Kashmir, as according to the reports Kashmir region is supplied with the adulterated and forged candies and toffees, these products are not even put up with the standards and guidelines as prescribed under the Food Safety and Standard. The candies contain many chemicals such as additives, preservatives, taste enhance etc. that may create serious health implications on both children’s and adults.

There has been public concern that Kashmir valley has become a dumping ground for fake and adulterated toffees, candies, chocolates and other confectionery.

To understand how serious the situation was region tried to focus on the places of their manufacture, the content, the pattern of import and distribution, potential health implications on children and what could be done to stop their import.

Various candies and confectionery are mostly imported from states like Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu, the trade is thriving. Most of these products do not contain any information about their manufacturers, content, manufacture and expiry dates.

Children get to buy these products quite easily from market, besides being showered with these false candies and toffees at weddings and related events.

Without any system of quality check of these products, they are flooded into markets, mostly to rural areas. Later, retail distributors transport these products in vans or bikes too far- off places.

One of the challenges is that there is demand for inexpensive sweets and confectionery in rural areas.’ There is huge market of these low quality confectionary products in rural areas. The problem is that even if we import good quality products, there would be few buyers”, said a wholesaler dealer from Kashmir.

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