Kerala Bakers association go with ban on Trans-fat; trying to retool and recreate new recipes

Dec 4, 2018

Trans fat is not good for health and while all agree with the health benefits that a ban on TFA could bring, the bakers had a harrowing time trying to keep trans-fat out of their baked goodies, readjusting their recipes and substituting ingredients, so that their pies and puffs would still be flaky, the crackers crispy and their cakes and breads, moist.

Baking supply companies thus had to try out a host of replacements for partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (PHVOs) or shortening, which were the main source of Trans fat but which also gave the taste and texture to the goodies.

The Bakers’ Association Kerala (BAKE) believes that a similar movement has already begun in Kerala. And that a significant number of their members, major chains and big names, have already started retooling or recreating their recipes.

They are on the same page as the food safety regulators when it comes to reining in trans-fat. Already, many of our member-bakers are sourcing low-trans fat options from raw material suppliers to manufacture products.

Vijesh Vishwanath, general secretary of BAKE said that they are also working on reducing the sodium and sugar content in food products. He claims that while bakers at the top end have already changed their ways and have significantly brought down the trans-fat content from the earlier 18-19% to 5-6% now, the small baking units have to be helped with a change in technology and raw materials to help them stick to the TFA regulations.


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