Lindt Chocolate luring consumers from emerging market

7 March, 2018


Swiss chocolate maker Lindt & Spruengli believes that it enjoys ‘enormous potential’ and is trying to attract more sweet-toothed consumers in Japan, China, South Africa, Brazil and Russia

According to Lindt, this positive trend is being powered by consumers’ growing demand for quality, greater purchasing power and also a growing desire for chocolate with a high cocoa content.

Lindt, a leader in the affordable luxury chocolate segment informed that its subsidiaries in those five countries had produced ‘an above average result’ in 2017, with organic growth of 12.4 per cent.

For now, sales hit an all-time record for the 175-year-old company of more than 4 billion Swiss francs (3.45 billion euros, $4.3 billion). Lindt feted an improved market situation for key raw materials — cocoa beans, cocoa butter and sugar with much better harvests in 2016/17, allowing the previous record-high prices to ease back to normal levels.

That should allay chocolate lovers’ fears of an imminent crisis for their favourite treat.

It was good news all round, bar in the United States, the world’s largest chocolate market but a weaker one for Lindt, where company sales dipped slightly. The dip came even as Lindt sought to attract customers with new packaging and discounts over Christmas, and with the relaunch of a sugar-free chocolate line.

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